PROGRAMME Membership year 2020/21 The Summer ‘Virtual’ Lecture Programme Until further notice, meetings will be held online by Zoom at 10.50am for 11am start and the necessary connection details will be e-mailed to members 24-48 hours before each talk. When actual meetings recommence they will be held as usual in Barnwell Village Hall. Waiting list members and guests will be welcome to attend meetings for a £10 fee, provided they give prior notification to the Membership Secretary on 01572 747091 or Friday 21st May 2021 10.50am for 11am A Taste of Dutch Brian Healey Discover the coded messages that hide behind the wondrous banquet paintings of 16th century Holland. What looks like the leftovers from a wellto-do Dutch breakfast is on closer examination a statement about the perils of luxury and the precariousness and transience of life. None of which stops us from marvelling at the incredible level of detail and exquisite mastery of technique and structure that inspired Matisse and Dalí to produce their own 20th century versions. Friday 18th June 2021 10.50am for 11am Red, White and Blue – a Story of Three Colours in Art Alexandra Epps A wide-ranging look at the symbolism, significance and spirituality of colour throughout the history of art. Experience the power of the red of the Tudors, the utopian white of Abstraction, and the secret formula of New Realism artist Yves Klein.
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