THE ARTS SOCIETY SUB GROUPS   VOLUNTEERING GROUPS (or Sub Groups) Any member is welcome to join our Volunteer groups, which currently are:   TRAILS OF DISCOVERY  These trails can create Q & A discovery routes for a range of visitors to a church, inviting them to observe, explore and record what they find. The last trail completed was St. Margaret's Church, Luddington, and our current Trails leader is completing the trail of St Leonard's Church, Apethorpe. We hope to be looking for a new church to create a trail for, so anyone interested should contact Nigel Harper or Chris Cooke.   ARTS IN THE COMMUNITY  Whilst not a Volunteering group as such, this section of the Society's activity, with a representative on the Committee, has a remit to explore how we can support local arts in the broadest sense. We particularly look for initiatives which promote the involvement of young people - this area was formerly titled Young Arts- and groups which represent disadvantaged sections of the community. Our new Secretary, Jackie Leesons, will be posting a summary of what we are currently supporting in the website Newsletter out in early summer.
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